I have been a client of Jenny’s since September 2014, and I honestly can’t rave enough about her. I reached out to many therapists in the Burnaby/Vancouver area and found Jenny to be a perfect fit for me. I needed support with not only just losing my precious cat, but also losing my mother shortly thereafter. On top of this, I also suffer with GAD and panic disorder, so I needed a calm, loving, gentle yet practical therapist to help me.

I have worked through a lot with Jenny and feel proud that I’ve accomplished so much this past year. I feel lucky to have Jenny as an amazing therapist to help me get to where I need to be!

I like how Jenny lets me take therapy at my own pace and doesn’t rush me, as some sessions I’m all over the board! Her office is comfy, quiet, and I know when I walk through that door I can relax, knowing I’m not being judged. I can just be myself, and that is exactly what I need. I look forward to my weekly sessions and I know how lucky I am to have found the perfect fit for me!

I highly recommend Jenny if you are looking for an amazing therapist in great location and with affordable fees, who won’t just rush you in and out, won’t judge you, is practical, caring, and is just like you and I.

I always thought I was just a shy person would never be good at socializing. Jenny taught me that I’m okay just the way I am, but I can learn to be less anxious when socializing. I feel a great improvement with my people skills now and have learned to have closer relationships – in my own way. Thanks Jenny.

My experience with Jenny Brown as a counsellor was an incredibly positive one. She was sincere and genuine in our sessions and created a safe place where I felt comfortable and free to be myself. Jenny presented me with information and empathy that made me feel very safe and supported. I would recommend Jenny as a counsellor because I have seen the progress that having a wonderful counsellor like Jenny can deliver.

I came to Jenny to seek help for anxiety and OCD. Jenny made me feel comfortable and secure that my needs would be met.

I appreciate Jenny’s understanding and patient approach, and found her to be kind and gentle. With Jenny’s assistance, I have seen a decrease in anxiety, and my inner self talk has changed from a negative to a positive “self-help” way of thinking, instead of thinking negatively after a life stressor or situation. My self-talk has now started switching to a positive mindset more automatically.

I appreciate that Jenny provides both a safe and comfortable counselling environment and the help she has given me.

Jenny has done an amazing job of teaching me strategies to reduce my anxiety. I feel like a completely different person! I highly recommend Jenny if you’re looking for ways to reduce stress and live a better life.

I came to Jenny at a real crossroads in my life, filled with confusion and without a sense of direction. Jenny inspired me to look at how much possibility there really is, and how many talents I wasn’t utilizing. Thanks, Jenny, for helping me find so much clarity!

I’ve always found it easier to express myself through writing then speaking. I never knew such a thing existed as email therapy, but I’m so glad I found it! I feel this is so much more effective for me. Jenny has been so helpful to me and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

I really felt Jenny was the best person to help me with my chronic condition, especially because she has been there herself and understands. Jenny helped me see my condition in a whole new light and helped me realize there are many things I can still do in life and feel productive. I feel very grateful to Jenny!

Jenny’s approach is very welcoming and supportive. She is a great listener, and is open, caring, and respectful to her client’s needs. Jenny helped me become very aware of the common threads in my experiences that I had not noticed before.

I would highly recommend Jenny as a counsellor. She is respectful, caring, knowledgeable, supportive, and is wonderful at helping clients work through their difficulties.

I had Jenny’s counselling in an important transition moment in my life. She was very supportive and compassionate in my experience of therapy while I was a “foreigner living temporarily in Vancouver.” She provided a space of acceptance and confidentiality and I am grateful for her support during this time.

I sought out a therapist for help dealing with a bout of depression and anxiety that had lasted several months. I immediately connected with the quotes and concepts on Jenny’s website, and upon meeting her I found her personality and office atmosphere to convey the same warmth and comfort I was drawn to on her site.

With each session I looked forward to settling in with a tea and knowing that I would be fully heard. After several years of working with a life coach, I really appreciated Jenny’s approach to counseling: a thorough background history, followed by an introduction to concrete, practical tools I can use on a daily basis to deal with negative thoughts, anxiety, etc.

Jenny introduced me to cognitive behavioral therapy, provided me with resources and homework I could do on my own, and helped me learn to apply those tools during our sessions. She listened deeply to me and suggested other approaches when she thought they might be a better fit.

As a result, I’ve noticed a decrease in my overall anxiety, I feel more comfortable asserting my needs, and I am confident I can apply the tools I have to help me deal with these challenges whenever they come up. I found Jenny at one of my lowest points and I’m so grateful she helped me to get to the other side!

I love the flexibility of Skype therapy and it’s been really useful with my busy schedule. I travel a lot but still wanted to stay committed to therapy. Jenny has been just as effective with helping me with my anxiety issues through Skype as in person. Keep up the great work Jenny!

Jenny helped me see the ways I was being held back in life by low self-esteem. I now feel more at peace with myself and can appreciate what a likeable and attractive person I really am! My confidence has improved, and I’m now feeling much more positive about life.

I’m so glad to be finally off ’the worry train’! Jenny has a great way of teaching so many tools for coping with worry. I learned so much from her. I feel way less stress in my life and have so much more energy to do what I want in life. I highly recommend Jenny for anyone who worries a lot!

I found the group therapy felt so supportive for me. It really made me feel understood finally, and the people I met have remained friends and still help me cope with my condition. Everyone in the group had so much information to share and I felt glad I could help other people as well. I enjoyed the cakes and tea aswell! Thank you Jenny.

Anyone who has experienced depression knows how isolating it can feel. I really didn’t have much hope for improvement, but Jenny has such a welcoming and supportive way about her, that I really felt comfortable sharing my true feelings. I would definitely recommend trying CBT for depression – and Jenny!

I can’t say enough positive things about Jenny. I tried other therapists and they just weren’t the right fit. Jenny helped me come to understand myself more and we worked as a team together, customizing tools that worked best for me. If you want a therapist that gets results, I would recommend Jenny.